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 Hey everyone ! :)

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Date d'inscription : 2012-04-09
Localisation : Houston (texas)

PostSubject: Hey everyone ! :)   Mon 9 Apr 2012 - 15:09

Hi everyone ,

so my name's alexandra and i'm 20.
I used to live in the USA and I miss speaking English every day. Probably the reason why I was excited to join this community as soon as I saw it. Two years ago I decided to become an exchange student and moved to Houston ( Texas ) in a host family and tried the American way of life, which I loved ! I also joined an High school and spent my senior year down there !
I am currently studying psychology in Belgium but i'm going back to Texas for Summer holidays to see my friends and my host family and i'm just sooo excited !

I hope to see you very soon.. Very Happy

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Damn boy!
Damn boy!

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Date d'inscription : 2012-04-01

PostSubject: Re: Hey everyone ! :)   Mon 9 Apr 2012 - 15:19

Hi Alexandra,

Welcome on this English-speaking community cheers
I hope you will appreciate it.

Now, it is very interesting to meet here people who have lived in an English-speaking country for several months.
Plus your english sounds very good.
Be nice with us, we're here to learn and we probably make mistakes here and there Smile

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Hey everyone ! :)
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