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 Portal/Portal 2

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Lyra Sullyvan
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PostSubject: Portal/Portal 2   Sun 15 Apr 2012 - 9:36

Ever heard of Portal?

It looks like a shoot-them-up but it's really not that kind of game. You are in a science center where you do "tests". Weirdly you seem to be the only one around. The goal is to go to one point to another, using portals that you can put on some wall/floor but not all of them. You have to use your brain to find the way to get what you need to go out the level, find how to use your portals to get where you need to go, ...
It's a really cool game that I enjoyed very much. The first is pretty quick, it's mostly here to help you to understand what you can do with what you have, getting harder each level. So when you start the 2nd game, you know pretty well how to use the portals and you have to use your mind to solve the enigmas of how to get you out of the room, because it gets trickier.

At first I watch a friend playing Portal 2 and I was like "wh.. how.. but.. how do you know you should do that?!" but when you're going step by step from the first game, you learn to masterize it. One of my favorite computer games! It's also on x-box I believe.

A little trailer :
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Portal/Portal 2
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